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Lindows Opens Doors by Closing Windows

After many press releases and a tussle with Microsoft, Lindows OS 3.0 is not only available but by all indications is selling well. Lindows presents a much more formidable competitor to Microsoft than other Linux operating systems, including the Xandros OS.

Lindows markets its OS in much the same manner as Xandros, emphasizing the software's ease of use, power and ability to run applications written for Windows. Lindows' edge over Xandros is that it's now bundled with high-volume machines from TigerDirect and Wal-Mart. This may make all the difference in the world.

Many Linux users are disgusted with the state of the operating systems market--you must buy Windows installed, and there's no recourse if you don't run it. Now users have an option.

But this is merely a starting point. The OS costs much more than many Linux fans are willing or able to pay. Still, it's creeping into the mainstream. If you've failed to listen to my previous rants, I'll try telling you one more time: Linux is coming. It's probably already running on servers in your organization, and soon the TCO, security and licensing issues that surround Microsoft products will get the bean counters and security freaks talking to you about "this new Linux desktop." It won't happen tomorrow, but when it does, you'd better be prepared to support it, or to make a stronger case against it than, "We don't know that OS."

So spend the $129 for Lindows. Download it and get comfortable with it.

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