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Kroll Adds Data Recovery for MacMail, Entourage

MINNEAPOLIS -- Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of Ontrack Data Recovery solutions and legal technologies products and services, today announced it enhanced its suite of data recovery tools to include MacMail and Microsoft® Entourage® e-mail recovery capabilities. Utilizing newly developed proprietary technology, Ontrack Data Recovery specialists can now recover from corrupt or inaccessible MacMail or Entourage e-mail data.

As Mac computers grow in popularity, so does the use of MacMail and Entourage as e-mail clients. Furthermore e-mail is not only a vital communication forum, but e-mail clients are increasingly used as archive mechanisms and personal information managers, making e-mail loss detrimental. Consequently, professional assistance for e-mail loss may be necessary when:

    Deletion of files or large mail folders are not recoverable by commercial e-mail recovery software.

    A user account is deleted.

    A system crash occurs and mail data becomes corrupted.

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