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Juniper Attacks the Enterprise

Juniper Networks Inc.'s (Nasdaq: JNPR) first product resulting from its $4 billion acquisition of NetScreen Technologies Inc. is aiming to provide a security boost for enterprise customers (see Juniper/NetScreen Merger OK'd).

The NetScreen 5GT ADSL security appliance is aimed at the remote office and retail outlet market. Security features on the six-port device include IPSec VPN, firewall, denial-of-servce protection, and antivirus. According to Juniper executives, the 5GT removes the need for an external ADSL modem.

Michael Kennedy, managing partner of Network Strategy Partners LLC, says the product is good news for remote enterprise sites. "The branch market in particular has been poorly served -- the level of security that users get in the branch office is not great...

The main benefit is that it makes DSL a more secure place for enterprises to do business. DSL, up until recently, has just been Internet access, and it was no more secure than the public Internet.".

The deep packet inspection offered by the 5GT’s firewall enables secure business communications that would have only previously been possible using Frame Relay circuits, according to Kennedy.

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