• 05/04/2006
    8:44 PM
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Juniper and Google: The Kool-Aid Keynotes

It should have been a great match up. The Interop folk paired Juniper CEO Scott Kriens and Google's enterprise general manager, Dave Girourd, in back-to-back keynotes. Yet as I listened to both speakers I couldn't get over as just how...

"Users discover Oneboxes and then tell their friends." he said. In all there are about 50 Oneboxes today and more that are designed specifically for the enterprise.

Providing features that users need to discover isn't progress. It's regression. The whole idea of the Windowed interface was that features weren't hidden away behind some obscure "uber-command line" for the few and mighty, but were made available through pull down menus for all.

Google's interface may be simple and elegant, but the comparison to corporate applications is ludicrous Google performs a single service only. A corporate application, such as Notes, will perform tens of services. Even then sifting through results in Google's "simple interface" is impossible in many instances.

It's problematic enough that marketing minions and their fans continue to see the world in their own will believe in their projects so thoroughly that they may well be blinded to their own limitations. It's entirely another matter when a chief executive or business leader carries the same views. One only hopes that the next time Messrs. Kriens and Girourd present they will provide real value in their talks.

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