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IT Certifications Guaranteed To Boost Your Career

With rapidly changing technology, IT certifications have become more important than ever. Certifications can help act as a distinguishing factor for IT professionals to demonstrate their expertise, and provide opportunities for getting better jobs and better salaries. Deciding on the right certification is a strategic step for any IT pro, providing essential momentum towards growth and success.

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for specialized skills for performing very specific tasks, from coding and project management to infrastructure management and deployment. IT certification provides a tangible measurement of the technical knowledge and experience of IT professionals, and plays an important role in developing a skilled workforce. Employers, IT pros, and consumers of IT services can all benefit from certification.

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Enabling IT professionals to demonstrate skills and experience, certification exams act as milestones for career progression, and help IT professionals choose a career path towards excellence. Organizations recognize well-known certifications as proofs of skill and knowledge, and often depend upon them for hiring. Certifications can act as a medium to identify and pick up the best talent out of crowd. Certified professionals are equipped with deep knowledge of the subject of certification, which helps ensure they can provide quality IT services to their consumers. 

Here is a list of certifications across a range of areas, including cloud computing and virtualization, that could potentially lead to career advancement and a raise. Although several of these certifications require quite an investment, they could lead to a job making as much as $75,000 to $95,000 annually.

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