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Intel Expands Pact With VMware

Intel and VMware Tuesday announced an enhanced technology and marketing alliance at Intel Developer Forum that will support virtual workloads in mixed 32-bit and 64-bit environments.

Intel's announcement with VMware, which comes roughly one month after AMD announced its would preload Xen open source virtual software on its AMD64 systems in the first half of 2005, promises availability of VMware's software for Intel's processor virtualization technology for desktop processors in 2005 and server proceesors in 2006.

VMware Vice President of Alliances Brian Byun said the Palo Alto, Calif., company has been collaborating with Intel for a significant period of time and is demonstrating its VT-enabled software running on Xeon servers on the IDF show floor this week. The collaboration will enable 64-bit extended operating systems including forthcoming Windows and existing Linux distributions to run as guests on VMware's virtualization software running on Intel servers that use VT-enabled processors.

At IDF, Intel also announced the official naming of its hardware virtualization technology, Virtualization Technology, formerly code-named Vanderpool, and announced that its Active Desktop Management technology -- closely linked to its virtualization efforts -- will be available for desktops later this year and for servers early next year.

Intel and VMware said their expanded pact calls for more technical collaboration and joint marketing activities on VT but the two companies acknowledged that the alliance is not exclusive.

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