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Insider Dives Into Data Integration

The market for data integration products has emerged, as users struggle with the challenges of managing information from growing numbers of applications.

In a nutshell, data integration tools are used to consolidate and exchange data among large-scale business applications.

Customers face considerable challenges in choosing between homegrown and commercial solutions, according to "Data Integration Tools: A Market Update," the latest Byte and Switch Insider, a CMP paid subscription research service affiliated with this publication. The report examines the pros and cons of each approach and delves into tools from the likes of Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft.

Right now, there's a shift away from from in-house solutions, according to Michael Schiff, Byte and Switch Insider contributing analyst and author of the report. "Historically, the fiercest competition facing data integration vendors was the programming staff of the prospects they were targeting," he says, adding that this is starting to change.

Both the data integration market and the tools themselves have matured, and many companies that previously developed in-house solutions are now looking for commercial offerings, Schiff says.

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