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Infortrend Expands SAS Line

DALLAS -- RAID storage expert
Infortrend(r) today announced two new SAS-to-SAS RAID arrays: the
EonStor(r) (ES) S16S-G1030 single-controller and the S16S-R1030
redundant-controller subsystems. As the successor to the popular
SCSI-320 technology, SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) technology is set to be
the next generation of business-class storage, enabling new
applications while boosting scalability and performance. The S16S comes
with four SAS wide host ports that provide 12-Gigabit-per-second
(12Gbps) bandwidth per port for high speed data transfer. Because the
S16S can use both SAS and SATA drives within the same enclosure,
systems integrators can build effective tiered storage to precisely
meet their needs: high-availability SAS drives for mission-critical
solutions and cost-effective SATA drives for near-line backup,
distribution, or archival environments.

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With greater bandwidth and higher data throughput compared to SCSI-320,
Infortrend's SAS subsystems deliver the bandwidth and processing
capabilities required to support massive storage capacities. The S16S
has a built-in SAS expansion port so storage capacity can be easily
increased as business needs grow. The single-controller system can
connect to as many as four EonStor S16S-J1000 SAS JBODs for up to 80TB
of storage capacity when populated with 1TB SATA drives; the
redundant-controller system can attach to as many as three S16S-J1000
JBODs for up to 64TB of storage. As with all EonStor products, both
subsystems come with full-featured RAID functionality, including RAID6,
to provide the ultimate in data protection and availability.

"SAS is gaining in popularity in the storage market, and we expect the
technology will be in the mainstream in the near future," said Tony
Chu, president of Infortrend Corporation. "With the S16S subsystems,
Infortrend is offering new levels of performance, availability and
capacity and is providing the most complete SAS RAID product line
available today. Storage managers can choose the models best suited to
their current -- and future -- needs."

Infortrend Technology Inc.