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Image Gallery: 8 Online Storage Solutions

  • Jungle Disk provides access to an Amazon S3 storage bucket directly from your desktop, and manages automatic backups.

  • Create a secure backup archive on another computer, whether one belonging to you or one of your friends, or to the CrashPlan servers.

  • SpiderOak offers a single console for managing file backup, sync and sharing.

  • The strength of Dropbox is in its simplicity, especially for sync and file/photo sharing.

  • As a service focused on backup rather than other storage applications, Backblaze also make certain to provide multiple options for restoring your data.

  • Carbonite hooks into the file system to let you see whether a file is slated for backup, and to make changes accordingly.

  • SugarSync's "Magic Briefcase" of backed-up files and folders can be accessed online and via iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Android devices.

  • Mozy includes flexible options for creating custom backup sets.