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ILM: Edging Toward Reality

Despite the skepticism surrounding information lifecycle management (ILM) a new breed of product is quietly making the term a reality, instead of a vendor-group pipe dream.

ILM, the process of aligning data in tiered storage according to its value, is starting to surface in products geared to specific applications. Software from a handful of suppliers combines data-migration techniques earmarked for specific apps with the ability to archive data in various locations. The result is a closer appromixation of ILM's goal of saving management time and storage money.

This progress comes at a time when ILM has become a diluted and beleaguered acronym, greeted by many IT buyers with the skepticism normally reserved for snake oil.

This wariness is easy to understand. Despite the best efforts of vendors to fulfill the promise of ILM, enterprises seeking this goal have mostly been left to their own devices. Literally.

"ILM vendors say that you have to classify data; it's a stated assumption," says Jim Damoulakis, CTO of consulting firm GlassHouse Technologies Inc. "The problem is [that] they don't give you clue how to do that."

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