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IBM Again Targets Sun, HP With New Servers

Striking its second blow at Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard this week, IBM on Friday took the wraps off new pSeries and iSeries servers.

The new offerings include the p590, a 32-way server; the p595, IBM's first 64-way pSeries server; and the i595, available in three configurations. Earlier this week, IBM unveiled a new line of enterprise-class and midrange storage arrays: the DS8000 and the DS6000, designed to grab market share from storage rivals EMC and Hitachi Data Systems as well as from HP and Sun.

What ties the product introductions together, besides their timing, is the fact that the new servers and one of the new arrays are based on IBM's Power5 microprocessor, which the company started filtering into its server lines this year.

David Stone, vice president of business development at Solutions-II, an Englewood, Colo.-based IBM solution provider, said the new storage and server lines offer "huge synergies" and economies of scale. With the Power5 architecture, IBM can share development costs for pSeries and iSeries servers and its storage arrays across one platform, which drives down overall cost and speeds time to market, he said.

"The days of IBM as a fragmented company are over," Stone said. "IBM can cut costs and development if one technology group can steal technology from another group."

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