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IBM Adds Data Center Dashboard

ARMONK, N.Y. -- IBM today announced an "intelligent dashboard" that will allow clients to view, maintain and adjust the energy consumption, performance, and hardware utilization of their multi-system, virtualized environment -- all in a single view.

The new IBM(R) Systems Director 6.1 software, part of IBM's New Enterprise Data Center strategy to streamline complex infrastructures, is a suite of software tools to help clients manage energy, virtualization and overall computer operations. While industry spending on service administration and energy for running servers exceeds the spending on the server hardware themselves(2), IBM Systems Director helps clients reduce system administration and energy costs by nearly 30 percent in a typical data center, according to a recent International Technology Group study.

With the new IBM Systems Director as a foundation, IBM delivers an end-to-end systems management solution that helps clients deploy, monitor, analyze, optimize and update the server consolidation and virtualization environments that businesses are deploying today in an effort reduce the complexity and control the costs of their IT infrastructures. For CIO's, server virtualization, server consolidation and cost cutting are the three top priorities today, according to recent studies(3). Specifically, IBM Systems Director allows clients to:

  • Control costs and reduce complexity of systems management by
    integrating platform management provided by IBM Systems Director with IBM
    Tivoli(R) enterprise service management for a total IT service management
  • Optimize the use of virtual resources to drive up server utilization
    and to reduce energy usage and cooling;
  • Reduce downtime by monitoring the "health status" of physical and
    virtual resources on one server or across the datacenter.

"With IBM Systems Director, we're providing clients a means to better understand the complexity and costs associated with managing their datacenter," Rich Lechner, Vice President, Enterprise Systems. "As a result, clients can coordinate and manage the virtual and physical resources that make up their entire infrastructure. The combination of IBM Systems Director and Tivoli software consolidates an IT manager's infrastructure in one view -- an 'intelligent dashboard' -- allowing them to see and manage in real time the energy, space and people costs they need to allocate for and optimize."

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