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Hitachi Picks Archiving Partner

Software-based archiving startup Archivas received a double-dose of backing today. Hitachi Data Systems confirmed their OEM deal and the company closed a $12 million funding round. (See Hitachi, Archivas Strike Deal and Archivas Picks Up $12M.)

The Hitachi deal was expected. Sources indicated six weeks ago that Hitachi would partner with Archivas as it enters the fixed content archiving game well behind EMC and others. (See Hitachi Heads for the Archives.) Hitachi did not reveal any archiving product specifics, but will offer Archivas software on its hardware beginning in the second quarter. It will call the archiving application the Hitachi Content Archiver Powered by Archivas.

Hitachi sees Archivas open architecture as the key to taking on EMC’s Centera content-addressable storage (CAS) system. The major knock against Centera is its proprietary nature. EMC requires applications to use an API to read and write to Centera natively. Centera supports other protocols such as NFS, CIFS, and HTTP through a gateway for applications that don’t use its API, but customers lose features when using the gateway.

Archivas’ software supports NFC, CIFS, and HTTP natively, and stores files in standard formats such as XML and HTML.

“This allows Hitachi to play the ‘open card,’” Archivas CEO Gary Voight says of the deal.

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