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High-Profile User Talks Secure Storage

DALLAS -- Storage Networking World -- CIOs and IT managers need to get back to basics when it comes to fighting hackers, warns Alan Lustiger, information security architect of financial firm TD Ameritrade.

Speaking during a presentation here today, Lustiger explained that the threat landscape is constantly changing, making the task of storage security much harder. "Until a few years ago the main worries were joy-riders and script-kiddies," he said, alluding to the recent surge in cyber-crime.

"Over the years, the threat has morphed into more professional-type hacking -- it's getting worse by the day," added Luster, explaining that a new form of "cyber-mafia" is forcing firms to rethink their storage security strategies.

Despite facing more serious threats to their data, the exec urged users to take vendors' security pitches with a dose of salt. "They tend to want to be alarmist -- I very much dislike that," he said. "You don't want to be running [around], doing the 'Chicken Little' thing, every time a vendor comes in."

Encryption is a perfect example of this, according to Lustiger. "If the bad guys are getting [into your storage] the same way the good guys are, then what good does it do you?" he asked his audience of CIOs and IT managers. "Generally, to get to the point of hacking storage, the attacker must already have broken into your network."

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