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Hifn CTO Outlines Strategy

Russell Dietz, VP and CTO of Hifn, has been holding forth on the issues of data compression and security for years. Lately, though, his audience has grown -- and gotten more storage-oriented.

"Hifn has been in the storage and networking space for some time, leveraging what's been going on in the storage and data reduction areas as well as dealing with security," Dietz says. Hifn's tape compression technology, for instance, has been deployed by Quantum and other tape suppliers since 1996. Hifn has followed over the years with semiconductor products in security, data compression, data acceleration, and IP SANs. (See Hifn Targets iSCSI Security, Hifn Ships Compressor, Hifn Samples Security Processors, Hifn Intros Acceleration Boards, and Hifn Unveils VTL Board.)

Figure 1:

Russell Dietz, CTO, Hifn

Lately, the shift has been toward combining these technologies for enterprise storage. "In the early stages, compression was about getting the backup window closed and saving on [tape] cartridges. What we're seeing now is a huge push on what would happen if storage -- aka disks themselves -- didn't cost anything," Dietz says.

"We have a paradigm where we expect to store and get things back anytime we want. That, on top of all the requirements that the government has put on why information has to be stored... Hifn saw an opportunity to go back and help people with storage reduction again in a different way."

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