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VMware offers the Horizon DaaS platform as its DaaS solution. This product is based on the former Desktone product, following the acquisition of Desktone by VMware in 2013 (incidentally, Desktone trademarked the terms "Desktop as a Service" and "DaaS").

Customers can get access to the VMware Horizon DaaS in one of three ways:

  • VMware-hosted: In which desktops run on VMware's cloud platform
  • Partner-hosted: In which third-party providers build DaaS clouds to resell to end customers
  • On premise: Which is installed in the customers' own data centers

Key differentiator
VMware's strategic acquisition of Desktone enabled it to obtain a patented hybrid cloud brokering technology in which customers can extend their network into a service provider's cloud. As a result, hosted desktops can access shared resources on the end-user's network (e.g. file servers, printers, etc.). Furthermore, a single hosted desktop can span multiple service providers that are also hosting Horizon DaaS. This offers a unique hybrid cloud option that connects on premise and off premise environments, allowing hybird applications alongside hybrid desktops.