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Genome Sequencing Center at Washington U.

Because it deals with millions of files, the Genome Sequencing Center at the Washington University at St. Louis is always looking for the latest and greatest in NAS.

The center already has about 50 TBytes of capacity on Network Appliance FAS980 and NearStore R200 systems, and another 50 TBytes on BlueArc Titans. Now its senior technical manager Kelly Carpenter is trying out his new BlueArc Titan 2200 system to see if it lives up to Blue Arc's promises. (See BlueArc Beefs Up Titan.)

"I'm from Missouri, I don't believe a whole lot until I see it," Carpenter says.

Thus far, he likes what Titan's showing him. Carpenter hasn't yet measured the I/O per second, but he gets about the same performance as his first Titan while using half as many blades.

"I like to beat on things until they surrender," he admits. "We have about 400 blades, and so far we're running 80 to 100 blades and it's hardly breaking a sweat. It's been hauling butt on medium and large files. And the average person uses larger files than I do, so he'll get even better performance."

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