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Fujitsu Intros NAS Appliance

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation announced the availability of the UDS 1000, an easy-to-install NAS (network-attached storage) appliance that delivers as much as 24 TB of storage and leverages Microsoft's WUDSS (Windows Unified Data Storage Server) and Management Console.

News Highlights

  • The UDS 1000 is ideally suited for small- to mid-sized enterprises currently based on Windows and requiring easy-to-manage, unified storage but without the IT budget or resources to implement a SAN (storage-area network).
  • Powered by the enterprise-class Fujitsu ETERNUS(R) storage technology, the UDS 1000 is the second of the Fujitsu UDS product line, which includes the UDS 2000; the appliances allow both NAS file-level and iSCSI block-level data to be transferred over Ethernet networks using an interface that will be familiar to anyone accustomed to managing a Microsoft(R) Windows(R) environment and using standard protocols, such as SMB/CIFS, NFS and iSCSI.
  • Availability and Pricing: The Fujitsu UDS 1000 is available now, and pricing starts at $10,000 for a 4.5 TB storage system. The UDS product line is available primarily through its channel partners and directly from Fujitsu.


    Dave Egan, senior vice president, storage, at Fujitsu Computer Systems: "The UDS 1000 offers VARs and SMBs a wider range of choices for implementing robust, high-performance storage systems that are easy to install and maintain while providing an alternative to complex SAN systems."

    Benjamin S. Woo, analyst, IDC: "This is a critical time in the SMB market for IT solutions that drive down the total cost of ownership through easy-to-manage unified storage. The UDS 1000 is a nicely packaged, affordably priced hardware solution with features that help simplify and consolidate the datacenter."

    Fujitsu Ltd.