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Fios Launches E-Discovery Service

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Fios Inc., delivering comprehensive discovery management services for organizations compelled to produce electronically stored information (ESI), has launched a new consulting service to help organizations reduce the costs, risks and time of managing ESI in response to litigation and governmental investigation. Fios’ Information Governance for e-Discovery consulting service addresses how ESI is captured, stored, retained and ultimately disposed of as part of the routine course of business. The new service helps clients reduce the overall cost and burden of discovery and incorporates proven governance practices so ESI can be managed as a strategic asset.

“Effective governance of ESI can be very difficult, particularly when trying to balance IT requirements with legal discovery demands,” said Sam Panarella, vice president and managing director of Fios Consulting. “Our consultants have years of experience working with clients to help them better understand the policies and practices around managing ESI for e-discovery. This new service is specifically aimed at helping organizations become better prepared to efficiently and defensibly respond to discovery obligations, while improving collaboration between the legal, IT, records management and other key departments, thus eliminating costly mistakes and errors.”

Utilizing an established assessment, analysis and planning methodology, Fios’ consultants work with clients to help them better understand how ESI is created and managed throughout the organization, so that it can easily and defensibly be identified, preserved and collected for e-discovery. The service provides guidance around:

  • Understanding where and why ESI is being retained
  • Policies and practices for limiting the amount of ESI retained and timeframes for retention
  • Enhancing how ESI is organized, accessed, searched and retrieved for discovery
  • Controlling or minimizing the replication of ESI across multiple data stores

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