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Feds to AT&T and ISPs: We Want All of Your Data

Here's one more reason to worry about federal intrusions into your Internet activities: The FBI and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales are both urging ISPs to keep records about customer Internet activities for two years, so that the feds can get their hands on it when they want.
So reports CNet. The site says that Gonzales, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and other honchos from the U.S. Justice Department held a private, closed-door meeting with ISPs last week, and told them to keep information about their subscribers, and network data, available for two years, in case law enforcement wanted it.

The stand is a complete turnaround for the Bush administration, which a while back had opposed this exact plan. But as we've seen in recent months, even though conservatives traditionally distrust government intrusions into people's lives, the current administration has changed its tune when it comes to privacy.

Gonzales argues that data must be retained to help law enforcement officials. That may be the case, but many people -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- worry that there need to be some privacy protections.

Don't count on any, though, because there doesn't seem to be a move in that direction.