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FAST Intros BI

LONDON -- Fast Search & Transfer (OSEAX: FAST.OL) (FAST™), the leading developer of search technologies, today unveiled the FAST Adaptive Information Warehouse™ (AIW™), a radically new approach that lets users capitalize on their entire universe of information to make better informed decisions for competitive advantage. Built on a robust search platform, FAST AIW integrates an end-to-end framework of products that achieves a previously unattainable unification of search and Business Intelligence.

FAST AIW Overcomes Data Warehouse Limitations

FAST AIW fundamentally redefines Business Intelligence with a shift away from the traditional data warehouse. AIW directly addresses the limitations of data warehouses -- cost, architecture complexity, and limited scalability -- as well as the inherent restrictions on traditional Business Intelligence tools that cannot deliver timely, dynamic data to all users.

Traditional Business Intelligence solutions, which analyze and report on structured data typically stored in relational databases, are complex and can only be used by a few power users. Business Intelligence vendors have responded by adding a “search box” atop BI tools in an attempt to make it easier for anyone in the organization to find reports relevant to the business processes with which they are involved. In contrast, FAST AIW puts the Business Intelligence solutions on top of the search platform to integrate and orchestrate all of the information needed to make BI truly effective. Users can directly search and navigate Business Intelligence data in an ad-hoc manner, then display relevant, usable information to users without the need for predefined report creation.

FAST AIW also leverages the knowledge buried within all of an organization’s unstructured content to enhance actual Business Intelligence, enabling companies to generate new business insights from their unstructured information. This powerful capability gives all business users direct access to cleansed, fully integrated data with extreme ad-hoc query performance, all through an easy-to-use interface.

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