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F5 Enhances SSL VPN Offerings

SEATTLE (BUSINESS WIRE) F5 Networks, Inc., the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN), today announced a new version of its FirePass SSL VPN solution. With the 7.0 release, FirePass provides enhanced access capabilities, improved IT management through integrated access services with third-party solutions, and flexible deployment options, including an SSL VPN virtual appliance running on VMware vSphere, FirePass Virtual Edition (VE). FirePass provides browser-based access to organizations' applications, networks, and data, and employs customizable access policies to ensure all devices accessing corporate information adhere to a company's specific requirements.

"Remote access creates continuous market demand for new virtual private network (VPN) products and services, including virtual solutions," said John Girard, VP Distinguished Analyst with Gartner, Inc. "Business continuity and telework are creating new opportunities for companies working through upgrades and replacement cycles to replace legacy remote-access VPNs. Even if you have sufficient capacity to handle increased demands in your VPN gateway based on these new trends, it will do you no good if your network services cannot scale."

With FirePass, enterprises can manage employee and external access to business applications, keep mobile users connected, and enforce compliance mandates such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS. Highlights of the new FirePass version 7.0 include:

Flexible Deployment Options, Including a Virtual Appliance
F5 now offers customers the ability to deploy FirePass on both physical and virtual platforms, with FirePass VE delivering all the traditional functionality of its physical counterpart. F5's virtual deployment options--including the recently announced BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager Virtual Edition--provide a powerful way for organizations to reduce CapEx and OpEx costs by controlling the number of physical devices in their IT infrastructure. With FirePass VE, customers gain the valuable flexibility to add remote access capabilities to their existing virtual environments while maintaining emergency capacity in case of an unexpected event.

In addition, with this new version, FirePass now interoperates with both the FirePass Client and the new BIG-IP Edge Client. The BIG-IP Edge Client provides advanced roaming, domain detection, and automatic connection, helping users stay connected when transitioning between locations.

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