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Exinda Upgrades Products

BOSTON -- Exinda Networks, the only provider of Unified Performance Management (UPM) solutions worldwide, today announced another industry breakthrough with the introduction of the markets first sub US $2,500 UPM compatible wide area network (WAN) acceleration appliance. This appliance significantly improves WAN access, response and application performance, raising staff productivity and strongly reducing communications costs in multiple remote and small office location WAN environments.

The Exinda 2800 is the latest addition to Exinda’s UPM product family, which combines WAN traffic optimization, WAN application and TCP acceleration technologies onto a single, cost effective platform. The appliance effectively eliminates annoying delays that remote WAN and satellite connected workers experience as they access applications or data residing at the corporate data center, as well as ensuring optimal and predictable performance of Citrix and VoIP services across distributed enterprise networks.

“Exinda’s announcement is timely because solutions for improving operations in highly distributed enterprise environments are now in demand,” said Jeffrey Nudler, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. “Companies are seeking effective and affordable ways to improve application response times as today’s workforce is becoming more dispersed through branch offices and other remote work facilities. Exinda’s new appliance combines application acceleration via network optimization integrated into a compact chassis.”

In a separate release:

BOSTON -- Exinda Networks, the only provider of Unified Performance Management (UPM) solutions worldwide, today introduced its new high performance (HP) appliances that combine industry’s fastest wide area network (WAN) optimization with the most advanced application acceleration technology. The new appliances are part of Exinda’s UPM solutions that maximizes the performance of IP communications across WANs. UPM incorporates all facets of WAN optimization, WAN and application acceleration, application visibility, application response time measurements and a ubiquitous global management facility.

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