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Exanet Dips Toe in CDP Pool

Exanet is preparing to incorporate continuous data protection (CDP) into its clustered NAS file system.

Exanet CEO Rami Schwartz says ExaStore CDP will be available in September as part of its ExaStore enterprise NAS platform. ExaStore CDP will be built into the file system and customers can activate it through a license key. Pricing has not been set.

While data protection vendors such as Symantec and XOsoft have built CDP or near-CDP into their software products, Exanet will likely be the first to integrate it into its enterprise NAS file system. (See Microsoft and Symantec Cut SMB Tape and XOsoft Hits Rewind.) Network Appliance acquired CDP technology when it bought Alacritus last year but hasn't yet rolled out a CDP product or given a timeline for delivering one. (See NetApp Annexes Alacritus.) NetApp does support snapshots up to a minute apart on its NAS systems. EMC's RecoverPoint CDP product works with its Legato backup but is not part of its Celerra NAS platform. (See EMC Pulls Forward With Backup and EMC Coughs Up for Kashya.)

"Deploying CDP on a clustered, distributed, file-system platform is a complex and difficult task," Schwartz says, when asked when he expects competitors to follow.

According to Schwartz, ExaStore CDP will capture block-level incremental changes of data by letting users take unlimited snapshots. If data is lost or a file corrupted, users can go back to the last good version. CDP purists will argue this is near-CDP because it relies on snapshots and does not let users restore to any point in time. Exanet calls it CDP because the snapshots can be taken seconds apart.

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