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Emulex Works With Sun

COSTA MESA, Calif. -- Emulex
Corporation (NYSE:ELX) today announced that its host bus adapter (HBA)
management solution, HBAnyware(r), is now available for use in Sun
Microsystems' SAN Foundation Software, which Sun developed for the
Solaris Operating System (OS). SAN Foundation Software is a new, open
standards-based I/O framework and device driver stack to support Fibre
Channel connectivity. Emulex HBAnyware is a powerful platform designed
for efficient, scaleable and comprehensive management of Fibre Channel
storage connectivity within a centralized single console. With today's
announcement, HBAnyware now supports Solaris 10, 9 and 8.

"Sun works closely with trusted brands such as Emulex to simplify the
management of SANs," said Nigel Dessau, senior vice president of
storage marketing and business operations, Sun Microsystems Inc. "Our
SAN Foundation Software has been fully integrated into the Solaris 10
release, making it even easier to use and -- since it is part of all
Solaris update releases -- will enable continuous innovation and
predictable quality. By combining the benefits of Emulex's HBAnyware
with the Solaris OS, customers have a robust solution to effectively
and efficiently configure and manage HBAs within their continually
growing and evolving storage environments."

Emulex HBAnyware automates key management tasks, providing exceptional
efficiency in HBA configuration and operation. HBAnyware offers
flexible installation and operational options to efficiently support
local and remote management over in-band and out-of-band connections
anywhere on a SAN. To reduce cost and simplify device administration,
HBAnyware leverages the unique architectural capabilities of Emulex
LightPulse(r) HBAs, including firmware and boot-code upgradeability and
driver-compatibility across multiple product generations. Upward
integration capabilities enable single-pane management through
third-party management solutions making HBAnyware a seamless extension
of enterprise server and storage management solutions. The addition of
HBAnyware to the Sun Solaris Fibre Channel I/O stack allows existing
HBAnyware customers using the Sun Solaris lpfc driver to seamlessly
transition their HBA management. Emulex HBAnyware is available on
Solaris, Windows and Linux platforms, providing IT managers with a
unified, cross-platform tool to manage enterprise-wide Fibre Channel

"We designed HBAnyware to streamline HBA management within large scale
storage-attached environments, which ultimately saves our end user
customers both time and money associated with managing and upgrading
SAN connectivity," said Mike Smith, executive vice president of
worldwide marketing, Emulex. "Hands-on independent testing validates
that HBAnyware is easier to deploy and use in enterprise-class storage
environments and has a richer set of features than competing

Emulex Corp. (NYSE: ELX)Sun Microsystems Inc.