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Emulex Announces HBAs

COSTA MESA, Calif. -- Emulex Corporation
(NYSE:ELX) today announced availability of its LightPulse(r) LPe12000 family of 8Gb/s Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs), which provide enhanced I/O performance and features that extend the benefits of server virtualization and meet the increasing demands of large transactional databases.

The Emulex LPe12000 family of HBAs offer twice the performance of today's leading products, providing the I/O scalability necessary to support an increase in the number of applications running on a virtualized server. Leveraging these new products to consolidate additional applications onto fewer physical servers increases the benefits of server virtualization, such as reduced procurement and management costs, as well as lower power and cooling costs.

Additionally, the LPe12000 provides the increased I/O processing speed and throughput needed by large business-critical databases and transaction processing applications to scale to support additional users and larger database files. With innovative features such as end-to-end data protection and advanced CPU off-load, the LPe12000 family meets the demanding requirements of next generation database applications.

"Capturing 13 design wins for our 8Gb/s products reinforces our leadership position with this generation of products and demonstrates the demand for advanced storage capabilities and features, such as data integrity and authentication, that only Emulex is providing to its end user customers," said Mike Smith, executive vice president of worldwide marketing, Emulex Corporation. "It is clear that our customers are focused on consolidation via virtualization, as well as leveraging multi-core and bladed servers, and Emulex is seamlessly delivering the enhanced functionality and bandwidth required with its 8Gb/s product family while providing seamless integration within their existing environments."

Emulex Corp.