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EMC Bolsters Documentum

EMC made another acquisition in a segment outside of pure storage today, picking up business process management (BPM) startup ProActivity to bolster its Documentum platform. (See EMC Acquires ProActivity.)

EMC did not disclose the amount of the deal, but it is much likely smaller than the amount paid for input management firm Captiva Software (another company EMC bought to bolster Documentum). For that, the vendor shelled out $275 million in October 2005. (See EMC Captures Captiva.) EMC paid $1.7 billion for Documentum in October 2003. (See EMC Cops Documentum.)

While Captiva's software gives users a way to get content into their system for Documentum to manage, ProActivity enhances Documentum's existing BPM Suite. ProActivity's product line will be integrated into the Documentum package and its 20 employees will join the EMC Software Group.

ProActivity software provides two core functions (process modeling and monitoring) that are now missing from Documentum's BPM Suite. These features allow users to create graphical reports and monitor specific business functions to display information such as the status of an insurance claim or mortgage loan. ProActivity's monitoring application also provides alarms to tell users when processes hit a certain stage.

"This fills a product gap," admits Lubor Ptacek, EMC's director of marketing for content management. "To have a complete suite you need to provide additional capability we didn't have."

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