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Embotics Adds Capacity Management And Self-Service Portal To V-Commander

OTTAWA (BUSINESS WIRE) Embotics, the Virtualization Automation and Control Company, today unveiled V-Commander 3.6, a virtualization management system that provides all necessary components to ensure that virtual environments are optimized for growth, while at the same time building the foundation for the cloud. V-Commander 3.6 allows organizations to gain complete control over their virtual environments without the need to invest the time, money and resources traditionally associated with deploying an enterprise virtualization management solution.

Enterprises need virtualization management and automation solutions that provide immediate value, enabling them to get the most out of their data center architectures while relieving their overwhelmed IT teams. V-Commander 3.6 provides immediate analysis, decision support and management within 15 minutes of installation, as well as management and automation designed to reduce overall data center complexity. Individual stakeholders can run their own reports, request additional VMs or even, if permitted, power on, off or suspend VMs without having to involve IT administrators.

"We see the expansion and advancement of virtualized infrastructure in the industry continuing unabated, and the beginning of the transition to the private cloud. However, there are significant obstacles to virtualization and cloud, including managing a highly complex environment and a high learning curve," said Gary Chen, research manager, enterprise virtualization software at IDC. "Customers need management solutions that offer next generation functionality, are comprehensive and fully integrated, as well as easy to deploy and use."

Built from the ground up for virtual environments, Embotics' V-Commander 3.6 scales to more than 15,000 VMs, continually monitoring the environment and providing enterprise management through a single plane of glass. Customers not only eliminate sprawl, but also optimize the existing virtual infrastructure to increase capacity utilization, lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for virtual assets and avoid future costs.

Key V-Commander 3.6 components include:
    * Capacity, configuration and performance management
    * Self-service portal and scheduled reporting
    * Real-time VM inventory management and reporting
    * Full VM lifecycle management and policy driven automation
    * Change management and auditing
    * Troubleshooting tools
    * Multi-Hypervisor support (Microsoft and VMware)

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