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E-Discovery: The Importance of Taking Proactive Steps

The first of a six-part series on e-dDiscovery from the Taneja Group .

There is an old story about three men with bad eyesight trying to describe an elephant by touch. The one feeling the trunk insists the animal is long and narrow and flexible. The one examining the foot claims it is made from horn and is squat. The one examining the ear insists it is floppy and wide like sail. A bitter argument ensues and the men never do figure it out.

Understanding e-discovery is a lot like that elephant, who was all of those things the men were insisting upon and more. Moving back and seeing the e-discovery elephant in perspective -- rather than a myopic insistence on some of its parts -- is the key to understanding it. And understand it you must, or risk being knocked down by the surging wave of data and strict new requirements surrounding data discovery.

This series, written by research firm Taneja Group, aims to help attorneys, storage admins, and IT managers better understand the world of litigation e-discovery. It will break down the e-discovery workflow into five major categories of classification, collection, preservation, review, and production. It will then talk about how the workflow between elements benefits the process from beginning to end, and what buying e-discovery platforms and tools should accomplish for e-discovery purchasers.

What is Litigation E-Discovery?

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