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DMV Green Lights Remote Backup

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has driven much of the complexity and cost out of backups by removing tape from its remote customer service sites. And backup administrator Mike DePhillip is looking to build on that success.

DePhillip wanted to eliminate tape at all of the motor vehicle customer service centers around the state without increasing costs. He was using CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup and considered EMC Legato and Symantec NetBackup before settling on Avamar's Axion. (See Test Run: Avamar's Axion 3.5.)

DePhillip had several backup challenges. He had 73 customer service centers without dedicated IT staff. He also had sensitive customer data and workstations running Sun Solaris 2.51, a version so old he couldn't modify the boxes to add backup software.

He was also looking to cut costs, so buying 73 new workstations was out of the question.

"It's hard to get management to spend $10,000 per workstation per customer data center," he says. "We took the old workstations, installed Linux, threw an Avamar client on at headquarters, and shipped them out to the customer service center. Linux thinks the Solaris 2.51 box is just a drive letter."

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