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Diino Shares Cloud Backup Product With Partners

Cloud storage vendor Diino has rolled out a partnership program for their backup and recovery products. Known as White Label Backup & Recovery, the program enables U.S. Telcom service providers, ISPs and other partners to offer cloud backup services under their own brand, maintaining a unique look and feel. 
The backup solution combines Windows, Mac, and Linux clients with a web-based back office for management and administration. Partners will be able to apply their own branding to both the local clients as well as the web interface. The solution will ultimately look like it the partner's product. Taking the offering even further, partners could also choose to host the back-end servers themselves, or even deploy the platform within the architecture of larger enterprises.  
One detail missing from the announcement, however, is how exactly Diino intends to handle the loss of a partner. Whether the partner's business folds or just simply breaks the relationship with Diino, there will still be customer backup data hanging in the lurch.  The questions of who controls the data and what steps are in place to assure customer data is secure and available will need to be addressed to instill confidence in the solution by enterprise customers. 
Solutions like Diino's will be attractive to a wide variety of service providers, Telcom vendors, VARs and even retailers.  In a relatively short time frame, these providers can tie themselves to the current marketing hype of all things cloud and offer cloud backup products with no investment to their own infrastructure.  Enterprise customers, however, will need to do their homework to assure that the cloud-based solution they sign up for today will still be there when they need it.