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Digital Fountain Taps Data Flow

Digital Fountain may have found an answer to the precarious and unpredictable nature of transferring large files across wide-area networks.

Anyone who sends large files across a computer network faces the sheer fear of sending a precious file and waiting to see if it gets there in one piece, in time, and without bringing the rest of the network down with it.

Those in the banking and brokerage world, where large data files must be moved quickly to a regulatory body, or where any batch transaction has to take place in a limited time window, worry about this problem constantly.

Digital Fountain says its recently announced Transporter Fountain server and software solve the problem by securely and quickly moving huge blocks of data from one point to another.

Transporter Fountains “meta-content” software pulls this off by eliminating the whole "send/acknowledge" hassle of file transfers based on FTP (file transfer protocol). Dropped packets and latency issues are a fact of life with FTP, requiring that some data be sent, resent, and sent again before a complete file arrives on the other end of the connection.

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