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DH2i Rolls Out Enhanced Application Virtualization, Load Balancing

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DH2i announced on Monday a new DxConsole software module designed to end SQL Server sprawl and allow enterprise applications to move transparently between physical and virtual servers in heterogeneous cloud environments. DxConsole 2012R2, the latest version of DH2i's flagship product, features DxSRM, an automated instance-level load balancer.

DxConsole virtualizes applications in VMware environments. At
present, it is limited to use with SQL Server, but in the future it will
support Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange, Oracle, SAP, and Citrix
XenServer land Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization environments.
DxConsole consist of four components: DxAdmin, DxShield, DxElastic,
and DxMotion.

DxAdmin installs and patches SQL Server instances across physical and virtual servers. DxShield increases the availability of SQL Server by failing over SQL Server instances between servers or sites. DxElastic allows a SQL Server cloud utility to be created to provision servers and
storage. Finally, DxMotion allows SQL Server instances to be rehosted,
deployed to other physical or virtual servers, or stacked in multiples
on a single server.

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DH2i has realized what many SQL database administration product companies have--that applications are most often tightly coupled to the server they reside on, whether physical or virtual, and that because of the simplicity of a SQL Server installation, sprawl ensues. Because of this tight
coupling, applications are difficult to move or migrate as changes in
workload occur. Moving applications between servers or on-premises or
in cloud environments can be time-consuming and expensive and can result
in the over-provisioning of both server and storage resources.

The new DxSRM load balancer lets the server or database administrator set thresholds for CPU usage, memory and IO usage, and network bandwidth; and define when instances will be moved based on conditions met or exceeded.

DH2i DxConsole 2012R2 is licensed per CPU for $10,000.

In other news, Sanbolic's Melio AppCluster, which DxConsole is built
upon, now works with Amazon Web Services, enabling AWS customers to
build highly available cloud networks for SQL Server.

DH2i was founded in 2010 by president and CEO Don Boxley Jr. and CTO
C. J. Ngo. Boxley formerly was with HP, Iomega, and Quantum. Ngo worked for Polyserve and HP. Dh2i is located in Fort Collins, Colo.

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