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Datacore, VMware, Xsigo Team for DR

TOKYO -- DataCore Software Corporation announced today that SoftBank Telecom Corp. has deployed DataCore SANmelody as the storage virtualization platform to build, verify and test its disaster recovery process over a wide-area virtual infrastructure.

For the deployment and verification test, SoftBank Telecom established a connection between its data centers in Tokyo and Osaka (approximately 500 kilometers apart) via Infiniband, and configured wide-area virtual systems through the virtualization of servers, storage, and I/O. In doing so, it successfully transferred the virtual server and virtual storage environments on the Tokyo side to its counterparts on the Osaka side automatically and at high speed. DataCore SANmelody provided the critical storage virtualization and storage mirroring software functionality needed to do remote site replication.

SANmelody provided the wide-area virtual volume duplication, data synchronization using iSCSI, and wide-area automatic failover and fail-back functions by enabling the virtual storage and VMware ESX virtual machines to work together across the entire infrastructure.

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