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Data Domain's DD880 - Not SMB Backup

Face it all the other makers of VTLs and other disk based
backup targets are a little jealous of Data Domain. With their mindshare in the
dedupe space, and $2.1 billion of EMC's dollars, who wouldn't be.  In the past they've tried to paint Data
Domain as an SMB player, too small and too slow to be taken seriously in the
enterprise data center.  Now that the DD880
can suck up over 50TB of data during a 12 hour backup window it's getting
harder to make the SMB label stick.

With performance like that even the classic "We dedupe post
process so we can optimize backup performance" line starts to sound a bit like
spin especially when you consider that the DD880 is faster than any single node VTL on the
market even when those VTLs aren't deduping. You'd need 2 or 3 Sepaton or
Falconstor nodes to match the ingest and dedupe speed of a DD880 and more if you're
backing up 30 TB over 8 or more hours a night and want last night's backups to
finish deduping before tonight's backups start.

As with any performance claims conditions apply.  Data Domains boxes are optimized for NetBackup
using the Symantec's proprietary Open Storage Technology (OST) API over 10Gbps
Ethernet and backing up multiple streams simultaneously.  Add in that these figures are based on manufacturer's
performance claims, since I haven't had these devices in the DeepStorage labs
for a few years, but if we assume that all vendors spin their numbers to about
the same degree the DD880 is still pretty impressive.

DD880s can be expanded to 71TB (net after RAID 6) of disk so
most users should be able to pack a petabyte of more of backup data on it users
with more data that want to use DD's appliances will have to break their data
up across multiple appliances, and therefore multiple deduplication domains, as
Data Domain unlike Sepation and Falconstor can't build a clustered system with
global data deduplication.

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