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Cordys Launches Cloud Process Factory In-A-Box Service

PUTTEN, Netherlands--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cordys, a leading provider of software for business process innovation and Cloud orchestration, has launched an innovative service to enable telecom operators, application and communication service providers, and outsourcers to provide their own Cloud Services for business customers of any size.

The Cordys Process Factory In-A-Box is a new service that comes with an initial solutions Gallery with popular MashApps, the Google Apps special environment, development tools and specialized Cordys Operation Support for developing this service.

Cordys technology is unique in that it enables the orchestration of multiple services and applications in the Cloud, and their "on-the-fly" integration with other applications, without the need for programming or complex Application Programming Interfaces (API's). This creates a disruptive competitive advantage for Service Providers who want to go beyond Software-as-a-Service to a complete Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) business model.

Jan Baan, CEO and Chairman, Cordys, stated: "Speed is critical in leading this formidable new Platform-as-a-service market, which Forrester has predicted to grow $15 Billion per annum over the next 36 months. Cordys is at the forefront of this revolution in delivering a Cloud orchestration platform for the enterprise."

This new edition enables telecommunications operators, data center providers and application/communications service providers to offer their user communities the use of situational applications in a 100% web-based environment without the need for capital expenditure, making faster business innovation a possibility for everyone, wherever they are located.

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