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ConEd Adds ADVA

ADVA AG Optical Networking (Frankfurt: ADV) has added a new storage-services customer and announced the ability to reach longer distances with its FSP 3000 metro DWDM platform.

New Customer
Con Edison Communications Inc. (NYSE: ED) has installed ADVA's DWDM transport box to enable offsite storage and disaster recovery, as ADVA's systems support Fibre Channel, Escon, and Ficon connections. ConEd's got ADVA's gear in two 3-node rings where it transports Gigabit Ethernet and OC12 (622 Mbit/s) applications across spans of about 140 km and 170 km.

New Feature
ADVA says its FSP 3000 can now send a wavelength up to 500 km without needing regeneration. Previously the system topped out at 300 km, a bit lower than some metro competitors, such as Alcatel, whose systems can reach as far as 400 km.

Both bits of news show the FSP 3000's continued maturation as it fights in a tough market with heavyweights such as Nortel Networks Corp. (NYSE/Toronto: NT).

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