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Component Startups at Crossroads

IT technology startups Aarohi Inc. and Ammasso Inc. have more in common than the letter A. Both are living out the harsh realities of startups just slightly off the curve of user demand.

Both companies are reaching a "rubber meets the road" point, where demand for their products will either materialize or fizzle. If the latter, the money could dry up in short order.

Ammasso may have reached that moment of truth. A present user of their 1-Gbit/s iWarp (Internet Wide Area RDMA Protocol) adapters, who asked not to be named, confirms that Ammasso management says they've failed to get expected funding and may be going out of business. Apparently, several other users, some at high-performance computing labs, have bought extra adapters in case Ammasso fails to make it past this year.

A second industry source says Ammasso is rumored to be exploring the sale of intellectual property as a preface to closing shop.

Ammasso execs did not return calls at press time, and a spokesman from one of their VCs, Prism Venture Partners, was not available for comment.

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