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Cleversafe Upgrades Dispersed Storage Software

CHICAGO -- Cleversafe Inc., the leading provider of Dispersed Storage technology, announced today new data storage appliance and software upgrades for the company's core Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet) technology. The new release provides the most dynamic, cost-effective, and energy-efficient way to store and distribute exabytes of unstructured digital data.

With the new release, Cleversafe has unveiled Smart Client, the foundation for next-generation Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). Current CDNs lack the ability to dynamically switch servers or networks if they slow down during delivery, meaning the potential for end-user performance snags is high. With Cleversafe, after every 4k downloaded, each client (computer, phone, etc.) independently reassesses its access choice hundreds of times per second for delivery efficiencies and speed, all in real time.

“Cleversafe has allowed us to effectively distribute terabytes of stored digital data to tens of thousands of registered viewers around the world,” said Bruce DuMont, founder and president of Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications, a non-profit source for historic and contemporary radio and television programming. “The time and money we saved from implementing from this storage and delivery solution is everything – we couldn’t afford to operate on this scale without it.”

Cleversafe Inc.