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Cisco Kills EMC NAS Deal

Cisco is out of the NAS business, or at least the EMC NAS business.

Cisco quietly end-of-lifed the EMC NS500 and NS700 NAS systems it has been reselling for about a year as the Cisco FS5500 and FS5700. (See Cisco & EMC Close NAS Deal.) There was no official announcement, but Cisco posted a notice on its Website saying it would stop taking orders for the EMC NAS boxes May 15 and stop shipping them June 1. Cisco will offer support through 2011 on systems it sold.

Which apparently weren't many. Industry insiders wonder if the decision to stop reselling EMC NAS was due to a lack of sales or a deterioration of the relationship between the companies. One Wall Street analyst who follows EMC says the storage company had low expectations for the deal and they were met.

"EMC people didnt really expect any material revenues from Cisco with NAS," he says. "Cisco doesn't know how to sell storage and they don’t have any interest in spending a lot of effort in an area that is not their core competency."

When contacted by Byte and Switch, Cisco released a statement saying the "relationship between Cisco and EMC is at its strongest point ever." Indeed, Cisco maintains the NAS end-of-life notice "is a first step in a broader Cisco/EMC relationship that will ultimately deliver a more tightly integrated sales and marketing effort. We are currently finalizing that agreement and more will be communicated shortly."

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