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Cisco Defends Against DOS

Cisco Systems Inc. has released its first products following its $39 million acquisition of Riverhead Networks (see Cisco's Security Spree Continues).

The security specialist was snapped up by Cisco for its strengths in combating distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks like the Mydoom virus, which can wreak havoc on network and data center resources.

Today Cisco unveiled the first fruits of this union in the shape of two network security appliances to protect against DDOS attacks -- the Cisco Guard XT 5650 and the Cisco Traffic Anomaly Detector XT 5600.

The 5650 provides what is known as "anomaly recognition" -- comparing network behavior and traffic flows to block DDOS attacks. It also employs a technology called "dynamic diversion" to redirect traffic away from network resources targeted in an attack.

According to Cisco, the 5600 can identify a broad range of DDOS attacks and automatically activate the 5650. Eventually, the company plans to integrate the products onto its flagship Catalyst 6500 switch product.

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