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Cirrus Configuration Management 2

Wizard Works

A wizard guides you through installing the database and collecting device groupings and global access parameters. Cirrus saves device configurations in a file-system hierarchy. This let me group devices--for instance, by lab--and store the configs in the file system.

You can add devices to the database manually or import them from a text file, Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft SQL database, KiwiCat Tools, CiscoWorks, or a number of SolarWinds discovery tools, such as Network Sonar Discovery or Orion. Discovery tools aren't included with the product, though. When setting up global community strings, passwords and user IDs are prepopulated as variables, protecting the actual value from view. We have a hodge-podge of device settings, and the software let me check these separately. I appreciated that, as I ended up having to audit a number of user IDs and passwords before I could get their associated devices correctly defined in the database.


• Provides baseline configurations

• Automates Inventory-taking
• Cheap and easy to use

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