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Brocade CEO in Tick-Top Form

For a split second at the Salomon Smith Barney technology conference on Tuesday afternoon Byte and Switch could have sworn The Tick. took the podium instead of Greg Reyes, chairman and CEO of Brocade Communications Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: BRCD).

Okay, not exactly. He wasnt wearing a skintight, blue leotard with two antennae sticking out of his head, but Reyes did a great job of sounding just like the nigh-invulnerable, uncrushable superhero.

For those unfamiliar with The Tick's oeuvre, the program derives much of its hilarity from juxtaposing the fantastic world of superheroism with the mundane realities of life. Or in Reyes case, the fantastic world of superheroism with the mundane realities of storage networking.

”We are virtually unassailable,” he told a packed auditorium at the Sheraton Hotel in New York. “Our position has never been better. [ed. note: Apart from the stock price, of course – which has never been worse.] Our 2-Gbit/s products are a technology tour de force, and nothing stands in our way!"

All that was missing were a couple of villains for the storage networking superhero to blast into space: probably because Brocade’s batted most them out there already, according to Clint Vaughan, vice president of U.S. equity research at Salomon Smith Barney. “A lot of people are taking cracks at the storage networking game but, so far, none have made an impact on Brocade,” Vaughan said.

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