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Breece Hill & Pals Unveil App

Breece Hill, Abrevity, and QStar have collaborated on an appliance they say will fit the needs of many organizations seeking easy-to-implement ILM. (See Companies Intro ATS App.)

The ATS appliance (short for Automated Tiered Storage), combines one of the only disk-to-disk-to-tape systems remaining on the market -- Breece Hill's iStoRA -- with Abrevity's FileData Classifier software and QStar's HSM software package. The result, the vendors claim, is a one-stop-shop for classifying files automatically through metadata and moving them, via policies, between the disk and tape systems integrated in the single-disk iStoRA box.

This is more than a packaging exercise, the suppliers insist. While Breece Hill resellers bundle iStoRA and the vendor's other wares with software from BakBone, CA, CommVault, EMC, Microsoft, and Veritas, this is the first time Breece Hill has supported a data classification package -- Abrevity. What's more, Abrevity had to write new software to combine its product with QStar's. As a result, ATS now sports an Abrevity interface that works with the logical volumes and other functions created by QStar HSM specifically for the iStoRA unit.

So far, the ATS is available only through Breece Hill reseller Atria Data Systems, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based OEM specializing in ILM implementations. The product is scheduled for general availability through other Breece Hill channels by the end of this year or the start of 2007.

None of the vendors involved can produce a single customer to discuss their use of ATS, though the vendors say several are currently beta testing it.

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