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BlueArc: The Game Has Changed

BURLINGAME, Calif. -- StoragePlus -- Today's storage administrators need to think more like base jumpers and get off the ledge, BlueArc Corp. CEO Mike Gustafson said in his keynote at StoragePlus here today.

His reference to those intrepid souls who jump off buildings or bridges with parachutes was metaphorical, of course. According to Gustafson, getting the most from a storage environment today requires a new approach -- much like base jumping is a different and faster way of reaching the ground than taking the stairs.

"We're not necessarily addicted to adrenaline," Gustafson says. "It's not like we choose to be base jumpers. But if that's the game we're in, we better look at the types of tools and choices we have."

Gustafson says storage administrators today face more decisions than ever when it comes to doing things like optimizing databases, Web servers, or backup and archiving. They also face more hurdles in the form of data growth, performance bottlenecks, device proliferation, scalability limits, and extra costs of applications and licenses.

He says the old way of approaching storage was like it was chess -- a game of strategy and planning in a controlled setting. And if storage managers approach things the way they did a decade ago, they will fail.

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