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BladeLogic Boosts Management

BladeLogic Inc. is taking on some of the big names in data center management with its latest automation software, dubbed Operations Manager (see BladeLogic Intros Ops Manager 6).

A management application that installs an agent on data center hardware and runs under its operating system, BladeLogic's software lets data center managers provision their servers, deploy patches, and set systems-wide service levels for the likes of Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL) databases and email servers.

All this is meant to help data center managers cope with increasingly complex IT infrastructures (see Forums Unite on Management Standards). It's also meant to help firms keep up to date with the latest security patches and ensure that their systems can support the latest government regulations (see Study Outs Top Internet Vulnerabilities and Gartner: Sarbanes Struggle Continues).

An admirable mission. But BladeLogic is not the only vendor targeting this market. Operations Manager is up against high-profile systems management products such as IBM Corp.s (NYSE: IBM) Tivoli and Hewlett-Packard Co.’s (NYSE: HPQ) OpenView.

Like these competitors, BladeLogic is positioning its products closer to key virtualization and Linux vendors. With Operations Manager version 6, the software includes advanced support for VMware Inc. and open source vendor SuSE Inc.

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