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AXS-One Announces Division

RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- AXS-One [OTCBB : AXSO], a leading provider of scalable, high-performance records compliance management (RCM) solutions, today made a significant commitment to the growing hosting market by launching a new division specifically to offer innovative archiving technologies to key providers in the hosting and e-Discovery markets. As part of the new strategy, AXS-One also announced that it has signed reseller agreements with two of the worlds major hosting providers to offer a full complement of hosted technologies and services around the AXS-One Compliance Platform™.

While AXS-One has long partnered with leading hosting and managed services providers to offer such services, today’s announcements effectively propel the company and its solutions into the forefront of the hosting market with a unique combination of innovative technology, market-leading services and brand-name reliability. The agreements come at a time when growth in the market for hosted electronic records management is accelerating. According to research firm IDC, the market for hosted services associated with e-mail archiving alone will reach a CAGR of more than 22% through 2010.

“The increasing level of interest in our archiving software from leading managed services and e-discovery organizations highlights our unique value proposition for this market in terms of functionality, low cost of ownership and domain expertise. By establishing a division within our company to focus on this market and by partnering with these world-class providers, we can offer exactly what this demanding market needs. This will accelerate our R&D and business plans through 2008 to truly capitalize on this market while continuing to grow our direct sales business,” said Bill Lyons, CEO of AXS-One.

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