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Avinti Launches iSolation Server

SAN FRANCISCO -- Avinti, a developer of proactive email security solutions, announced today the launch of iSolation Server 3.0, which stops threats such as, zero-day threats, targeted attacks and first-instance malware that are not detected by traditional security solutions. Available as a product or as a hosted service, the iSolation Server uses a proprietary, high-performance Observation Engine that looks at malware behavior to proactively and safely block threats before reaching enterprise systems.

The iSolation Server complements existing signature-based security layers with an effective solution that allows enterprises to tune email security policies on email attachments. Many companies recognize the need to utilize a multi-layer solution, however most implement redundant technology layers for a less-optimized result.

"Today's environment requires that companies pursue a differentiated layered strategy that more effectively handles both existing and new, changing threats, said Avinti CEO William Kilmer. "An effective, differentiated layered strategy combines a proactive, observation-based solution like Avinti's with traditional reactive and signature-based anti-virus products for maximum security protection."

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