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Autonomy Dives Into Desktop Hold

On the one-year anniversary of the U.S. government's overhauled Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), software vendor Autonomy claims to have added a crucial piece to the e-discovery jigsaw.

The vendor's Zantaz archiving division has unveiled a solution designed to lock down laptop data that may be critical in a legal dispute. Specifically, the vendor is targeting the issue of "legal hold," which occurs when documents are deemed of legal importance and must not be destroyed.

Laptops have already been identified as a major e-discovery problem for firms, particularly when staff named in the litigation are traveling.

"The idea of a legal hold is that you want to be able to implement it immediately," says Nicole Egan, Autonomy's chief marketing officer, adding that it can take days to manually track down laptops and search their hard drives for relevant data.

Autonomy's "Desktop Legal Hold" solution, is essentially a piece of client software which runs on laptops and desktops. In the event of a legal dispute, IT managers can use the software to search laptop files for specific keywords that are related to the case.

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