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Asset Point Releases Version 5.0 IT Asset Management Software

NEW YORK - June 25, 2009 - Asset Point, the only IT asset management software providing complete management of capacity, process, change, and financial information from data center to desktop -- announced the release of Asset Point 5.0 today.

The latest version delivers the most advanced IT transformation tools, and allows organizations the ability to visualize, plan, track and manage change events from the Data Center to the Desktop. The Asset Point ITAM library consolidates typically federated information to provide a single view into dynamic IT environments. The advanced functionality in 5.0 is especially effective for organizations consolidating, merging, or divesting IT assets.

"We listened to both the marketplace and our users to enhance Asset Point 5.0. We are extremely pleased that this newest release provides greater value to organizations as well as the pricing flexibility to support their requirements during trying economic conditions," said Bruce Gansler, Director of Asset Point. "IT change is an expensive and risky proposition - and with 5.0, we're helping organizations reduce cost while offering process controls necessary to assure success."

Asset Point 5.0 brings advanced functionality with new capabilities to meet changing IT demands:

Visualization and Documentation
A graphic rendering of IT infrastructure from the physical perspective provides the logistical requirements necessary to understand both where assets are located and the impacts of recent or planned changes. Net Benefit: Assures that IT changes are carried out effectively, accurately, on-budget and on-time.  

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